Thyroid blood tests

Thyroid blood tests

Blue Horizon Medicals is the only UK screening provider to provide Premium Thyroid Blood Test Profile kits that includes the biomarker testing of Cortisol and Magnesium levels as standard. These samples can be taken at home using a finger prick collection, or from a blood sample drawn with a vacutainer system.

From sales throughout our entire range of Premium Thyroid Blood Test Profile kits, Blue Horizon is proud to make charitable donations to the Thyroid UK charity, which have fantastic resources for those that are invested in their thyroid function. Request your thyroid tests from Blue Horizon Medicals, the household name for premium home thyroid testing.

Thyroid UK

In January, Thyroid UK was our Charity of the Month - thanks to your help, we raised £1955.77 . Lyn Mynott, TUK CEO contributed a fantastic guest blog about Hypothroidism, offering valuable insights and a diffferent way of looking at Diagnosis. Thanks Lyn, we'll be topping the Thyroid UK Donation up to £2100!

Base Level Testing Through Thyroid Premium Bronze

TSH, FT4 and FT3 are usually available for free on the NHS - although NHS thyroid tests are usually limited to definitely TSH, usually FT4, and rarely FT3. Test frequency may also be restricted. If you are already on thyroid medication it may be useful to know your FT3 levels to monitor dosing. Thyroid Premium Bronze

Advanced Level Testing Through Thyroid Premium Silver and Gold

These Advanced Level Thyroid Profiles can be ordered as finger-prick tests or as vacutainer tests. The Thyroid Premium Silver introduces the testing of thyroid antibodies, which may be present before the standard parameters start going out of range. Patients with raised thyroid antibodies will often have symptoms of thyroid disease. The Thyroid Premium Gold also includes 3 Vitamins, Ferritin and C Reactive Protein and is therefore our most popular finger-prick thyroid test.

Advanced Level Testing Through Thyroid Premium Platinum

Available as a vacutainer test only due to the volume of blood required, this excellent thyroid testing profiles aim to get to the bottom of any thyroid investigation in in one blood draw due to the number of blood tests conducted on the one sample. The Reverse T3 is sent to America for analysis however so this profile has a turnaround time of 30 Working Days. Thyroid Premium Platinum

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