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Blue Horizon Medicals offer a wide range of Thyroid Blood Test Profile Kits - we are proud to donate charitable donations to the Thyroid UK Charity and the Thyroid Patient Advocacy service, which are both fantastic resources for those that are interested in their thyroid function. Thyroid UK have asked us to make it a little easier to select a test so we have created a table for you - they have been split into three levels - Basic Thyroid tests, Intermediate Thyroid Tests and Advanced Thyroid Tests. The number after the PLUS indicates the number of tests that are tested in that profile - so the Thyroid Check +6 has 6 inclusions, and the +15 has 15 inclusions.

Request your thyroid tests from Blue Horizon Medicals, the household name for home thyroid testing.

Advanced Thyroid Testing through the PLUS FIFTEEN and PLUS TWELVE - Available as vacutainer tests only due to the volume of blood required, these excellent thyroid testing profiles aim to get to the bottom of any thyroid investigation in days rather than months due to the number of blood tests conducted on the one sample.

Intermediate Testing through the PLUS ELEVEN, PLUS TEN and PLUS SIX - These profiles can be ordered as finger-prick tests or as vacutainer tests. They all look at thyroid antibodies, which may be present before the standard parameters start going out of range. Patients with raised thyroid antibodies will often have symptoms of thyroid disease. The PLUS TEN also looks at other factors that may mimic thyroid disorders whilst the PLUS ELEVEN includes 3 Vitamins in total and is our most popular finger-prick thyroid test.

Basic Testing through the PLUS THREE, PLUS TWO and PLUS ONE - These Basic Tests are usually available for free on the NHS - although NHS thyroid tests are usually limited to definitely TSH, usually FT4, and rarely FT3. Test frequency may also be restricted. If you are already on thyroid medication it may be useful to know your FT3 levels to monitor dosing.

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