Immunity Blood Testing

Blue Horizon has provided immunity blood testing services since 2009.

Identity Verification is standard practice across all postal profiles through our nurse home visit service and BMI clinic phlebotomy service, and the inclusion of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in profiles 3 and 6 make them especially suitable for those seeking EPP (exposure-prone procedure) screening requirements.

Recommended Immunity Blood Test Profiles

  • These IgG blood test profiles have been created to provide value for money.
  • Need to check your immune status for your job?
  • An immunoglobulin test checks how well your immune system works.

IgG Immunity Blood Test Profile 1

IgG Immunity Blood Test Profile 2

IgG Immunity Blood Test Profile 3

IgG Immunity Blood Test Profile 4

IgG Immunity Blood Test Profile 5

IgG Immunity Blood Test Profile 6 (on offer)

Hepatitis B Surface Antibodies

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen(HbsAg)

Other Immunity Blood Tests

Although the profiles above will cover 90% of all requested immunity testing, at times extra tests are required by NHS trusts based upon factors such as travel history and other clinical situations.

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