Our Laboratory Partners

Blood Testing Laboratory

Blue Horizon take pride in ensuring the quality of your test results is of a high standard. Our partner laboratories also ensure to operate at the highest clinical standards possible.

The standard of test results is critical, and our partner laboratories function to the highest clinical and administrative criteria.
Laboratory tests and results are subject to stringent external and internal quality control processes and are assessed to ensure the highest levels of precision and performance.

Our partner labs include the largest independent supplier of medical laboratory diagnostic services from the united kingdom. It has a proven reputation for safe and effective specimen handling. It provides blood testing solutions to a wide range of clients such as clinicians, businesses, private hospitals.

We believe that it's significant to develop close relationships with the labs we work with to ensure smooth service to our customers.
Our clinical staff visits our laboratories to make sure that the highest testing and reporting standards are maintained.

We commit to customer support, and we're eager to continue developing strong working relationships providing support and help to our patients at Blue Horizon Medicals.