Blue Horizon Membership Offers

Blue Horizon Membership Offers

Unlock Exclusive Health Savings with Blue Horizon Membership.

If you are looking for a smarter way to manage your health testing expenses, then Blue Horizon has crafted an exclusive membership opportunity just for you.

By becoming a Blue Horizon Member now you will receive the most value for every health test you buy on our website. With Blue Horizon Membership, every £5 you spend earns you £6 in "Pathology Points" — that's a whopping 20% more value, right back into your account. Gold Membership increases this to 21% and Platinum membership 22%. You'll also gain exclusive access to the very best offers and promotions throughout the year that will not be available for non-members.

Why you should consider becoming a Blue Horizon Member

Save More: Put aside a small monthly sum and get an extra 20% savings for your health tests.
Flexible Plans: Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership levels to suit your testing frequency and budget.
Bigger Savings for Regular Testing: Opt for a higher monthly membership contribution and enjoy savings up to 22% if you take several tests a year.
Monthly Pathology Points: With your chosen plan, collect Pathology Points monthly and spend them whenever you need a test.
Hassle-Free Experience: Easy setup, and just as simple to opt-out if you need to leave.
Multiple Memberships possible: If you require several tests a year (beyond the Platinum offering), you can choose to sign up for another subscription to enable you to save the points you need for your chosen tests and schedules.

Start Blue Horizon Membership Today.


Ready to optimise your health expenses? Sign up for Blue Horizon Membership now and turn every £5 into at least £6 value of testing by choosing one of the plans below, or buy more than one plan if you choose to test more frequently.

Subscriptions are automatically collected on the 25th of each month through a service called recharge - to save double billing you on your first month, the subscription starts on the 25th of the month following your initial subscription purchase. Cancel at any time.

Quick and Reliable

There's a reason that over 30% of Blue Horizon Kit requests are from patients that have used us before.