Pathology Points - Earn and Spend

Earn Pathology Points

* Spend £100, get 1000 points

*Submit a photo review - 1000 points - See below.

Save Pathology Points

Save them up until you need them.

Spend Pathology Points

*Every 1000 points accumulated gives you £10off future test requests.

Pathology Points - Earn and Spend

How to Redeem your Pathology Points

  • You can spend points under the 'Pathology Points' icon, bottom left of the screen. Here you will find the amount of points that are required to claim/get a reward/discount. Please make sure that you are logged in  before redeeming your points.

  • ​Once you have enough available points, you can simply select 'Redeem' - again within the panel; click 'Apply code' for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout. Once you redeem a reward, it will appear under 'Your Rewards'.

Steps to redeem your Pathology Points

  1. Once you are logged in and are now in your account page please click go to store button, (the points are not viewable in your order account area)

  2. Look to the bottom left of the screen and click on the microscope icon.

  3. This will open up a menu for you to follow and view the points code to use in the checkout.