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Private blood tests in the UK

We have over 10 years experience arranging blood tests.

Dr Graham Johnson, our Private Doctor leads our small friendly team that are committed to providing YOU the patient with timely private pathology results. We take pride in being able to identify your needs, and help you.

This website enables you to select speciality laboratory tests. You do NOT need your own GP’s referral, as this is provided by Dr Johnson at no extra charge. He'll also pass comment on any out of range results, unless this is not required.

Choosing a blood test online can be a difficult decision, but it is also an important one. We can help you, so if you have any questions call us free of charge on 0800 999 1110 or open a  chat window. We're here for YOU.

Collect Blood one of four ways...

The Comprehensive PLUS VIP

An incredibly valued private health screening profile.

Since we introduced the Blue Horizon PLUS V Health Screen in November 2012 we have helped tens of thousands of UK residents access private blood tests across the UK. We try to offer good value across all of our blood testing profile, but the value offered by the PLUS V, which is only offered by Blue Horizon Medicals, is difficult to beat.

The profile represents a robustly comprehensive package of medically approved blood tests that will give you a very high degree of clinically relevant information about the state of your health.

Relevant Inclusions that your NHS Doctor will recognise.

We only include clinically valid tests in the PLUS V (as with all of our profiles), and the analysis is conducted at accredited laboratories that the NHS themselves use.

You will get the actual quantified report from the laboratory which will report on a full blood count, a full lipid panel, a Kidney function panel, an anaemia check, a diabetes check as well as the usual inclusions in a biochemistry panel. 
On top of that the test also alerts you to your vitamin level status by reporting information such as FolateVitamin B12 and Vitamin D, as well as your Thyroid status through TSH and FT4, and also an advanced Iron status profile by testing your levels of Ferritin and HbA1C. Additionally it will check for inflammation levels within your body by checking for either ESR or CRP.

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