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In a world gripped by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic it has never been more important for those with both chronic and new health concerns to be able to access reliable laboratory tests from the comfort and the safety of their own home.

This website enables you to order private blood tests online as well as other laboratory tests for different health conditions. You do NOT need your own GP's referral, as our Doctors provide this at no extra charge. Our Doctor will pass comment on your results unless this is not required.

Dr Graham Johnson, our Medical Director, leads our small friendly team that is committed to providing YOU, the patient with timely private pathology blood test results at home. We take pride in being able to identify your needs and help you select the right test for you. We can even offer private tests for COVID-19

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Dr Graham Johnson
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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 IgG Antibody Tests - How useful?
COVID-19 IgG Antibody Tests - How useful?

Dr Graham Johnson

Antibody testing and preparing for lockdown relaxation   There is an ongoing debate regarding the usefulness, or not, of the antibody test for COVID 19 – that is, the test to show whether you have been infected by the virus (around 14 days or more the date of sample collection)....

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Private Coronavirus Testing  - Considerations
Private Coronavirus Testing - Considerations
5/ 6/20

Dr Graham Johnson

If you are considering paying privately for a test for COVID-19 -we hope that our updates may help inform you as to the latest information available, and show that we are continually listening and reacting. The information we have is accurate as far as we know at the time of...

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