Nutritional blood tests

Nutritional blood tests

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Despite the UK's relative economic wealth, nutritional deficiencies and digestive issues are quite common, often as a direct result of poor diets and unhealthy indoor lifestyles. We offer a range of tests that will help detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies, alongside tests which can serve as markers of poor dietary health and increased risk of disease, or quality of life limiting symptoms - such as tests for diabetes and blood lipid (fats), and of bowel function. 

Knowledge of vitamin or mineral shortfalls, or early warning signs such as pre-diabetes or high cholesterol levels enable us to take control - nudging us to increase intake of essential supplements, or reminding to decrease intake of harmful processed fatty or sugar filled foods.

While low and middle income countries suffer the most from nutritional lack, wealthy nations such as the UK are not exempt from problems. 48% of non pregnant young women in the UK are right now deficient in one or more of Iron, Zinc or Vitamin A*.

SIX of the most common UK Nutritional Deficiencies.

  •     Vitamin D - up to 70% in the northern hemisphere during winter months, and in the UK generally around 20% during the rest of the year. In 2021 in a large study, 53% of Asian people living in the UK were reported as being deficient#
  •     Vitamin B12 - Despite the quoted figure of around 6% lacking in the UK , some studies have shown that maybe 11% of vegans may be deficient; 20% of older people could be affected too##. There is also controversy about what constitutes a normal level - and therefore the numbers may be greater than reported
  •     Folate (Vitamin B9) - anyone who avoids green leaves is at risk, a relatively high proportion of the population - in fact 19% of UK non-pregnant females aged 15-49 have been reported as deficient*
  •     Iron - 21% of younger women in UK are deficient in iron at any one time*
  •     Magnesium - intake of magnesium in the UK is lower than many other comparable European nations - 26% of British women reportedly taking less than is safe for long term health**
  •     Zinc - 19% of British children do not ingest sufficient Zinc for long term good health - a higher number than other European nations. 10% of younger women are reported to take insufficient zinc for optimal long term health**

We have a range of options for testing vitamin and key nutrient levels - from profiles to stand alone tests. Please see the list below for guidance but also find the test you seek with our search option above. 

Our very popular and great value Metabolic Check is perfect for those seeking to know whether they are at risk of - or even have as yet undiagnosed - diabetes, if they have an under or active thyroid gland and if they are lacking 4 of our most important nutrients. They will also find out and whether or not they have high cholesterol levels.

Many of our tests involve the collection of a small sample of blood from a finger-prick, while some more complex profiles require venous (whole blood) samples taken via a vacutainer device.

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