Sports Performance Blood Testing

Sports Performance Blood Testing

Why is knowledge of key blood markers in Sport important?

  • Blood analysis is increasingly being considered essential for the keen amateur and not just the professional sportsman or sportswoman.
  • There is now recognised a wide range of substances ‘at risk’ of deficiency in athletes.
  • Nutrients and Hormones are under the spotlight and recognised all too frequently to be at unhealthily low levels.

‘Why bother testing. I’m only a keen amateur’?

  • Well...many spend £££ on new bikes, shoes, watches, clothing, membership fees.. but not health checks?.
  • Monitors can measure HR, VO2 max, Lactate Threshold, FTP. Great for gauging improvement or deterioration but...
  • How many actually consider objective testing of the body itself?

Well, the good news is that for less the cost of a Rubino tyre or a nice pair of Nikes you can discover the essential information you need to optimise your performance!

Our top recommendation for all you sportsfolk out there is our competitive and inclusive Core 14 Sports Performance Profile, collected via a straightforward finger-prick home test kit (no visit to the nurse required!) which focuses on the most commonly encountered and important nutritional and hormonal shortfalls in actively training individuals. The Male and Female Athlete plus extend the work up, looking in particular at relevant hormone levels which are key to high performance, and also testing liver and kidney function, and cholesterol levels.

Alternatively, look deeper into the state of your overall health with a detailed check of your condition with our Comprehensive Range, and, with particular relevance to body building and strength focused sports, take an in depth look at hormonal function by adding on one of our Testosterone Blood Test Profiles.

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    Many of course opt to to dig deeper into overall health by selecting a comprehensive blood screen. Finger-prick or whole blood (vacutainer) options are available, building profiles to suit your needs - consider looking in depth to check your condition with our Comprehensive Vacutainer Range, and, with particular relevance to body building and strength focused sports, take a detailed look at hormonal function by adding on one of our Testosterone Blood Test Profiles.

    Or, choose a more Advanced Vacutainer Health Screen.

    Testosterone, other Blood Tests, and their role in your Strength and Health.

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