Testing solutions for all your Workforce

All our partner laboratories work to the highest standards and are fully accredited.
  • Looking for health screening for your employees? 
  • Need a UK partner to screen pre-operative patients?
  • Need occupational health testing for your workforce? 
  • Arranging a health awareness event and would like to add blood testing to the day's event? 
  • Just seeking a blood test profile that your employees can access when they want it?

Any of the above, and more, are everyday services for us.

While most of our clients are individuals we are experienced at assisting businesses and organisations seeking multiple testing solutions - either individually on random dates around the UK or at one site on one date - we can rise to the challenge.

We shall assist you with your health screening events anywhere in the UK - we have a track record of building bespoke profiles (as requested by you or advised by us), and if desired we can also supply CQC registered nurses to attend and take samples from delegates. 

All our partner laboratories work to the highest standards and are fully accredited.

Nationwide reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: No you do not require a Doctor’s Referral, we provide one when you have placed an order. This is free of charge, and a consultation is not required unless stated on certain tests.

A: We clearly state at the top of each test either a minimum turnaround time, or an estimated turnaround time. The number of days is a guide only (in working days ie NOT weekends or bank holidays) as it will sometimes depend upon assay run schedules. Most results are provided within the time frame provided, but there may be technical difficulties, or the results may need to be re-run to check accuracy, or our Doctor may be held up passing comment. It's just part and parcel of laboratory testing unfortunately. We can easily give you a status report, so please do email us or phone us to chase results, not the Laboratory itself.

A: You will receive a PDF copy of your laboratory certificate which prints onto A4 paper. If you would like a paper copy, let us know and we will post one out to you.

A: If you opt for Doctors comments they will be sent straight to our GP for comment, this process can take up to two three working days to complete in addition to the stated turnaround time for results. If you opt out of Doctors comments on your results, they will be sent directly to you. This is advisable if you already have a specialist to share the results with or are able to interpret them yourself. In the event of any results being of a critical nature we will always be in contact to make you aware of this.