Thyroid Blood Tests - Fingerprick or Whole Blood?

Thyroid Blood Tests - Fingerprick or Whole Blood?

You may be new to the world of private blood tests and postal services, so you may be wondering how it all works and just how can you take your own sample and expect accurate results a few days later? And how on earth is it possible to test your Thyroid Biomarkers with only a few drops of blood?

Private Finger prick blood test for thyroid


The good news is that the stability of all thyroid hormones renders them particularly suitable for postal samples – even if delayed for a few days, degradation is unlikely while the sample is in transit.

Sample Size.

 Moreover, only small samples of blood are needed (thyroid hormones abound in the bloodstream) which means that fingerprick collection is ideal too. So minimal hassle for you the customer – just order a kit of your choice from the premium thyroid category page(all except the Thyroid Premium Platinum are suitable for fingerprick samples). Await the delivery of your kit by post, and follow the instructions inside carefully. A day or two later you will receive your thyroid blood test results by email.

Phlebotomy Options

If you are not so sure about collecting the sample yourself, it is perfectly ok to attend one of our partner sites so you can have your blood taken for you by a nurse as a venous blood draw – check the option at check-out so you can attend either a Circle Health or a Superdrug venue near you – there are more than 60 nationwide. Or you can opt for a nurse to visit you at home, or even make your own arrangements if you prefer. Just hand the kit to the nurse, and the sample when taken just needs to be popped into a post box afterwards.


There is no significant difference between thyroid hormone test results from fingerprick or whole blood samples. The only limitation is on the numbers of tests that can be undertaken on smaller fingerprick samples, which is why our largest profiles in general demand whole blood samples. There is one exception - all Reverse T3 samples are sent overseas for analysis – which means both a longer time in transit, and a turnaround time of up to 30 days or more. For those reasons, Reverse T3 samples have to be whole blood rather than fingerprick samples. Of our main thyroid premium profiles, this only affects the Platinum Thyroid Profile, or the single RT3 biomarker itself.

Quick and Reliable

There's a reason that over 30% of Blue Horizon Kit requests are from patients that have used us before.