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Lessons employers can learn from the DVLA Covid-19 outbreak

A mass Covid-19 outbreak at the DVLA offices in Swansea has starkly highlighted the dangers faced when companies fail to follow guidelines set out to protect against the spread of the virus. Government ministers are facing scrutiny after more than 500 cases of Covid-19 were reported at the DVLA offices...

Lateral flow vs. PCR Covid-19 tests for your Business

Lateral flow vs. PCR Covid-19 tests for your Business With coronavirus cases showing no signs of significantly slowing and the emergence of new strains complicating efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19, testing remains a priority, both for people with symptoms, and those concerned about exposure to the virus. But...

How do the new Coronavirus Strains affect businesses?

News of new coronavirus variants from scientists around the globe paints a worrying picture. The emergence of new sars cov-2 variants throws more uncertainty into how we respond now and how we should respond in the future. Will the covid-19 vaccines be effective against the new strains? Are the strains more deadly, what does this mean long term for the economy and our healthcare systems, and how does this affect your business?