Health screening blood tests

Health screening blood tests

Relevant Inclusions that your NHS Doctor will recognise.

We only include clinically valid tests in our health screening blood test profiles and the analysis is conducted at accredited laboratories that the NHS themselves use.

Wellman and Wellwoman. Finger-prick Health Screening with a free FOB stool test.

Both our Wellman and Wellwoman Health Checks are available as finger-prick kits meaning that they can be conducted at home by yourself, as an alternative to the expense of having your blood drawn professionally. Aiming for quality of tests as opposed to quantity both of these options remain focused on key areas of health important to men and women living in the UK today. They also come with a laboratory analysed FIT stool test kit which screens for minute traces of blood in your stool - the presence of blood may be indicative of early signs of bowel cancer. Regular stool testing from age 50 reduces the risk of dying from bowel cancer by 16%.

Little changes that can lead to big improvements with home blood tests

Sometimes, when we think of improving our health, it can seem like a daunting task. Leading busy, stressful lives doesn’t always leave us a lot of time to put our wellbeing first. But we know it’s important.

Thankfully, even small changes to your routines and habits can add up to big improvements. So you don’t need to overhaul your life to feel the benefits. Look at the small changes that make a big difference.

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