Gut Microbiome Information

Blue Horizon offers a series of articles exploring Gut Microbiome Testing - What the gut microbiome is, how it is affected by your diet, how it affected by and how it in turn affects disease, can it be improved, and how it affects your mood, your sleep, and your immune system

Gut Microbiome Test

Gut Microbiome Test


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The Blue Horizon Gut Health Microbiome Test Kit looks at Genetic Data from an easily collected stool sample. Our Laboratory analyses and reports on any imbalances in your gut bacteria profile, reports how the balance of bacteria could be affecting your health and offers suggestions for dietary change to rebalance your gut microbiome. It is now widely accepted that having a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut is essential for optimal health.

The Best Gut Health Test in the UK

It is the opinion of our medical team that ours is the best microbiome test in the UK due to a combination of easy sample collection, community health group comparisons and the "Plain English" interpretation of results.

Collect 1990 Pathology Points worth £19.90 to put towards future testing.