Male Health DNA Report

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When you receive the results/report for this unique DNA-based Male Health Report. The report will highlight your " potential " genetic strengths and weaknesses in hormone production and detoxification, as well as other genetic factors that affect male health and well-being at all ages such as heart, vascular, prostate and bone health, and fertility. This information is useful on its own but we also recommend this report together with hormone and other functional tests in order to provide you with the most complete picture of current and future health.

Topics Covered:
• Androgen (male hormone) receptors
• Blood clotting
• Cardiovascular health
• Cholesterol
• Detoxification
• Erectile issues
• Fertility (sperm health)
• Free radicals
• Healthy ageing
• High and low testosterone levels
• High DHT production
• Male hormone (androgen) production
• Male pattern baldness
• Methylation
• Potential hormone imbalances
• Prostate health
• Vitamin D Requirement

Genes Covered:
• 5aR1
• 5aR2
• AR
• ESR1
• Factor V Leiden
• HSD3
• NOS3
• SOD2
• UGT2B15

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