COVID Testing- Standard Secure

Order by 1pm for Same Day Despatch (m-f).
Delivery TO YOU is tracked but currently taking 1-2 working days - please ensure you order well in advance of your need for this test.
UPS Courier Pick-up or RM24 tracked return is an option with a 90% next day delivery to lab success rate - If you choose this you accept the risk that delivery to the lab will not be next day.
YOU have the option to use a same day courier as detailed below OR drop to the Nottingham lab or Barnard Castle lab yourself if sample return back to lab of more than 1 day is an unacceptable risk.
Drop Off Option locations for Honeyman Laboratory - London, Barnard Castle, Peterborough, Leeds, Edinburgh Airport, Darlington - Teeside Airport, and Newcastle
Register the kit barcode online using link within kit
We GUARANTEE Results by end of next day after lab receipt of sample or you get a full refund. We have a 100% success rate for the lab turnaround.
Results sent via email

Universally accepted COVID RT-PCR Swabs, suitable for pre-travel or general screening - Overview

Blue Horizon are the only medical company in the UK that will GUARANTEE you COVID RT-PCR results by the end of the next day following sample delivery to lab. If we don't deliver on this, you get your money back. We are confident that we will succeed.


Using the "Return to Lab" dropdown above, choose between two fully accredited processing laboratories and a range of return-to-lab options.

Nottingham Laboratory (Source Bioscience) - Either drop there yourself, arrange your own courier or use our UPS courier option.

Barnard Castle Laboratory (Honeyman) - Either drop there yourself, arrange your own courier, use our RM24 tracked return option.

DROP OFF LOCATIONS- 10am to 8pm - Honeyman (Barnard Castle Lab) kit samples get driven to the laboratory overnight , get delivered early next day for results the day after that. Available in Kings Cross, Peterborough, Leeds, Edinburgh Airport. See full addresses of locations here


Are you in Tier 4? Worried about getting your samples to the laboratory? Read below.

Reading  the published government guidance it is our medical team's interpretation that you can still take the sample to the Nottingham Laboratory (which is currently in tier 3) yourself, as

  1. You do have a reasonable excuse. Specifically the guidance states that you can leave home for a medical reason, including to get a COVID-19 test.
  2. The laboratory are happy to receive your sample and take standard precautions.
  3. You do not stay overnight anywhere - the journey should be completed within the day.
  4. Similarly the same day courier services we recommend can still take your samples to the laboratory.

Order Online

We dispatch kits to you at 1pm each day by an expedited service that currently takes 1-2 days to arrive.

Return to Lab

Take your sample easily by following instructions on the day you need to and return using UPS, a same day courier, or drop it in yourself

Results by Email

Blue Horizon Guarantee your results by the end of the day following the day the lab receives them. (Or your Money Back)

The Certificate from the laboratory is universally accepted and will contain, at least, the following information:

1. Traveller’s name.
2. Passport or ID Number
3. Date and Time that the sample was taken.
4. Identification and contact details of the centre that performs the analysis.
5. Technique used (RT-PCR)
6. The test result, which we all hope is negative.

Results are sent via email as a laboratory certificate via PDF, please see our  example COVID-19 RT-PCR Swab results

Our Laboratory is ISO15189 accredited and registered with the CQC. Furthermore, they are registered with UKAS with the recommendation for extended scope for COVID PCR tests please see, for CQC registrations.

The UKAS certificate which can be found on the link here:

Checks before you place an order..

  • Getting your kits to you. We are dispatching orders by Royal Mail on the same day if ordered before 1pm. We use the "next day by 1" service, but are currently seeing deliveries take 1-2 working days. You will receive a tracking number once we have dispatched. We have investigated other delivery services, they are all similarly affected. Please make sure you order in plenty of time to guarantee you have your kit for when you need it.
  • Please check that the timing calculation charts below for the (sample to departure) window fit with your flight or ferry logistic needs.

Logistical Considerations

  1. When do you need your results by? There are a few logistical considerations before you go ahead - see charts below.
  2. When you receive your kit you will be given links to the form you'll need to complete to register your kit online.
  3. If you cannot deliver to the laboratory yourself and you don not want to risk a 90% next day delivery success rate by UPS then the services below may be useful. - Collect Same Day - 0333 344 3028 They will collect the same day, and drive it straight to the laboratory. Do you want to get on your flight? This courier will help make it happen. Calculate Same Day Courier Costs - Royal Mail Same Day - Similar service to Collect Same Day.

What do we Guarantee?

If you do not get your results emailed to you by the end of the date following the date the laboratory receives your sample we will issue a full refund.

Travel Window Calculation Charts      

The following charts are designed to help you work out the day that you will need to take your swab and return it to the laboratory, depending on which day you need to travel. There is a chart for a 3 day flight or ferry window to help you out and there is no service interruption over Christmas!


Chart for calculating a 72 hour (3 day) travel window.

Having just a 72 hour window in which to take your swab before your departure can be challenging - As your flight is important to you then we urge you to use a same day courier to get your sample to the lab in time or take it in yourself, however, 90% of people report a next day delivery to the lab following a UPS pickup.

What day is your flight You need to get your sample to the lab on the day below. Assuming delivery on left, you should get results by end of....


Monday or Tuesday (ensure within the 72 hour window)



Tuesday or Wednesday (ensure within the 72 hour window)



Wednesday or Thursday (ensure within the 72 hour window)



Thursday or Friday (ensure within the 72 hour window)



Friday or Saturday (ensure within the 72 hour window)



Saturday or Sunday (ensure within the 72 hour window)



Sunday or Monday (ensure within the 72 hour window)


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