IgG Food Intolerance Test

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Discover your unique trigger foods from a simple finger prick blood test. The Blue Horizon IgG Food Intolerance Test analyses your blood to show reactions against 134 foods and drinks.


  1. Grains and Staples
  2. Dairy and Eggs
  3. Meat and Fish
  4. Nuts, Seeds and Beans
  5. Herbs, Spices and Oils
  6. Vegetables
  7. Fruit
  8. Drinks
  9. Protein Supplements
  10. Yeast and Other Foods

By accident more often than not, many individuals have noted not only improvements in bowel function when they excluded likely substances from their diets – but intriguingly also been aware of significant improvement in their thyroid health too.

Please see our example report - click here

How to get a IgG Food Intolerance Test:

  • Order online or email: assistance@bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk
  • Provide your blood sample via a blood spot - you will receive an absorbent wand within the test kit which you will need to use to collect your blood sample, so there's no need to visit a Nurse, the sample can easily be taken at home and then you will need to post it back to the Laboratory in the envelope we provide.
  • Wait for your blood test results. Once they are ready, we will send them to you via email, within the turnaround time stated on the website.