Top tips when buying a Postal Blood Kit

Top tips when buying a Postal Blood Kit

Postal Kits – The Original Budget option.

If you are not able to take advantage of an all-inclusive service by attending a private hospital or clinic such as Spire, or in London then the postal service by Blue Horizon Medicals provides a wide range of phlebotomy kits that can be taken by a trained phlebotomist, as well as giving you a range of options for phlebotomy including 60 professional hospital locations or mobile phlebotomists.

Postal blood test Kits.

Every test on this website is available to order online as a phlebotomy pack – some are available also as a finger prick kit you can do at home. and a Doctor’s Referral is also included. Allow 1 to 3 working days after placing the order for the postal kit to arrive by post (yes, first-class post is up to 3 working days nowadays!) – it will fit through most letterboxes and doesn’t require a signature so there is no need to wait in.

Phlebotomy Options.

This is a phlebotomy kit and needs to be taken by a healthcare professional that can take blood using the Vacutainer System – you have 3 options really.

1. Your GP or GP’s clinic may be able to take the blood – this is often free, but you may be charged a nominal fee because it is non-NHS
2. Use one of the 59 BMI hospitals on the Blue Horizon Website. £35 surcharge. You cannot Spire Hospital or our London clinic with these kits as the pathology provider is different.
3. Ask Blue Horizon to find a mobile phlebotomist to come to you.

Posting Your Blood!

Whoever takes your blood will give the vacutainers back to you after confirming name and date of birth etc (unless the vacutainer is already barcoded). Protective packaging and a return envelope are included in the kit so you just need to put it in any post box and wait for it to get to the laboratory. If you are in a hurry or are concerned about the delivery of the package to the laboratory then you are able to pay for a tracked or signed for option.

Getting your results.

Results are sent by email and are accompanied by Doctor’s comments where appropriate.

Top Tips.

There are some really well-priced thyroid profiles on this website, the inclusions of which really eclipse the offerings through Spire or London. Most thyroid profiles can also be ordered through this site as a finger prick kit. I would advise avoiding the weekend post if at all possible. Don’t be surprised if the sample haemolyses. Even the quickest postal return service may be too long for accurate results such as Liver Function Tests, Electrolytes or Full Blood Counts. Thyroid and Vitamin tests generally farewell, as do hormones and hormone panels.

To order a vacutainer kit or one of the microtainer (finger prick) kits, visit

Quick and Reliable

There's a reason that over 30% of Blue Horizon Kit requests are from patients that have used us before.