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Home Visit Service


Our nurses can visit you at your home or place of work to take your blood quickly, conveniently and professionally. All nurses are registered with the NMC and are a minimum Band 5 - simply choose the tests that you need, and select a nurse home visit at checkout. We charge a nominal fee of £49 for this extra service.


All listed tests possible
Choose home visit at checkout
We'll send you a Vacutainer kit


Our Nurse will contact you
Arrange a convenient appointment
Typical 7 day lead time


Post sample using supplied box
Analysis at UK Laboratories
Recieve results by email

Blood Sample Collection options

DIY Finger Prick Testing, Ask for a Home Visit or Self Arrange

By placing the lancet against your finger, a hidden needle springs out to puncture your skin. The needle then safely pops back into the lancet device. The lancet is a sterile class 2 medical device.

You Can Trust Blue Horizon Medicals

Your blood is our top priority, but we don't forget that you (the ideal container for your blood!) need to know what is going on with your kit, sample, and results at all times.

“ Blue Horizon Medicals - Arranging blood tests for patients since 2009. ”

How the Home Blood Test Service 'NURSE VISIT' Works

Once you have placed an order for your required blood tests, either online, or over the phone, and selected a nurse home visit as your collection option we will send you out the relevant blood test kit by post. If you have supplied us with your mobile telephone number we will also send you a text message to confirm that we have passed your details to your local nurse.

First Contact

The nurse will attempt to contact you the day after you order your test and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet at your home or place of work to take your blood. A confirmation will also be sent to you by text message, along with a reminder text, generally the day before. Appointments will be made when a mutually convenient slot can be agreed on by yourself and the nurse. The lead time is on average about a week, but will depend upon factors such as current workload and geographical contraints.

Nurse Arrival

When you nurse arrives your blood will be taken professionally, and if you like the nurse will also post your blood to our Laboratory for you in a standard postbox, although if you wish to use a next day delivery service you will have to take it to the post office yourself.

Is blood draw success guaranteed?

A successful blood draw is not guaranteed - although each of the contract nurses that Blue Horizon use has been picked for their phlebotomy skills, blood draw can often be problematic, even in a hospital environment. We’ll give you a list of things you can do to help the nurse with a successful blood draw upon their arrival. If the nurse fails to successfully take a sample you will not be charged. Call us free of charge on 0800 999 1110 and we can talk through your options. If you have had failed sample collection attempts previously by one of our nurses any further failures would be chargeable, so if you have a bad history with blood drawing either with ourselves, or generally, please do consider this.

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