Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test - Pack of Four

Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test - Pack of Four

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Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kits - Individual Kits, Pack of 4.

  • CE Certified for Self-Testing
  • 100% Specificity, 97.25% Sensitivity, 98.73% Accuracy
  • Designed to aid the rapid diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infections by identifying those with positive results so they can quickly isolate
  • Simple to use with clear instructions & easy-to-read results with all necessary equipment included
  • Results within 15 minutes for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen with a high sensitivity and specificity
  • Evaluated and Validated by UK’s MHRA – approved test for use by schools, hospitals and the armed forces
  • Detects Covid-19 Variants including Omicron
  • Lateral Flow Test Kit

Each kit contains

  • 1 Test cassette
  • 1 Sterile swab
  • 1 Extraction tube with buffer and tip
  • 1 Package insert 

Healgen Covid-19 Antigen Test is one of only three rapid antigen tests listed by the Department of Health & Social Care on the UK Government website. It is widely used by local authorities, education settings and businesses.

The Healgen Covid-19 testing kit is a high sensitivity lateral flow antigen test. It is understood that as many as one in three people who have coronavirus do not show symptoms but are infectious. Lateral flow tests help to quickly identify and reduce spread from those who appear healthy.

Lateral flow tests are performed on a sample taken from the nose, which is mixed with a buffer solution, with drops being added to a lateral flow device. The virus fragments pass along the strip within the lateral flow device where they bind with labelled antibodies, showing as a test line if the virus is detected. Unlabelled antibodies provide a control line to demonstrate that the test has worked. Healgen’s test screens for the SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, which peak in the first one to three weeks following infection.

Frequently asked questions

What is antigen testing?

Antigen tests detect proteins, specific to a virus, that appear in infected individuals, indicating active infection. Rapid antigen testing is particularly helpful as it is accurate, portable, easy to use, and results are known almost immediately.

What is the extraction buffer?

The extraction buffer includes components to dissociate viral proteins from their surfaces to be used as a target for the test. The extraction buffer prepares the test sample by dissolving the virus shell, which also deactivates the virus.

Does the test kit include transport media?

The test kit includes an extraction buffer that is used to prepare the specimen for testing purposes. The extraction buffer IS NOT transport media and should not be used to preserve or transport specimens.

Can the test be used with alternative specimen types such as nasal swabs or any specimen contained in viral transport media?

The Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test is for direct nasopharyngeal swab specimen only. The test can only be used with the swab provided in the kit.

Can I collect the specimen and test at a later time?

The specimen should be tested immediately after collection. The specimen can be retained up to 1 hour following collection if immediate testing of specimens is not possible. Dispose of the specimen and recollect if retained for more than 1 hour.

Can I freeze the device for long-term storage?

The device should never be frozen. If refrigerated, allow the test kit components to reach room temperature before use.

Does the test detect Covid-19 variants including Omicron?

Yes. The nucleocapsid phosphoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 was used as the main detected target in the Healgen Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Cassettes (Swab) and Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self-tests.  This antigen test can therefore be used to detect both wild and mutant SARS-CoV-2 including the Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Lambda and Omicron Variants.

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Extremely efficient service from beginning to end. Procedure carried out quickly and efficiently. Results were very swift. Will be using again.

Lisa Underhill-Price

Impressed with speed of despatch after ordering. Kit and instructions very easy to understand and follow. Posted back to lab Monday morning, results received Wednesday morning, Thanks, may well be back soon.

Paula Loftus

As always, a superb service by all the BH team. Fast, efficient but very thoughtfuland caring of medical conditions, and associated patient mindset.. highly reccomended .cg

Chris Gomez

Utterly patient, kind and helpful, kit arrived next day, as did my results. 5 stars well-deserved.

Dell Finniam

Great service and product. The turn around is brilliant (mostly - there was a glitch during the early part of the Covid pandemic, but that seems to be resolved now). Tests are recognised by the medical profession so I am able to use the results to get the treatment I need without further tests.

Alexis Faulkner

I had various questions which they answered via email/webchat and the timing of getting a kit, sending it back and getting the results was good.

Bruce Robins

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