COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Coronavirus Home Test Kit by PCR

We only have a limited stock of swabs left now, the rest are going to be donated to the UK government so that testing can be coordinated centrally. Once there are no more available, you will see an "out of stock" notice above.

Update - No more are available. See below for alternative.

We also expect to be able to provide COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibody tests soon.

Unlike many COVID-19 Test kits available, this one involves taking the sample at home and sending off to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

This COVID-19 home test kit consists of  nasopharyngeal swab that is to be used to swab the test area through both nostrils which some people may find uncomfortable. It comes with full instructions meaning it is easily conducted at home.

Any requests already taken at a higher price will be refunded the difference.

Once the swab is taken for Coronavirus you are able to place it in supplied protective packaging and then in your nearest postbox where they are sent to an accredited UK laboratory for analysis. The turnaround time once the laboratory receives the swab is expected to be 2-3 days. Results are either positive or negative and will be emailed to the email address advised on ordering. For this reason orders are only taken from families and any attempt to sell these on to 3rd parties will not be accepted.


  • Postal home test kit for Coronavirus, can be taken at home.
  • Full instructions provided.
  • Each kit consists of a nasopharyngeal swab that is to be used to swab the test area through both nostrils. This is not a blood test.
  • Prepaid UN3373 envelope provided returns samples to accredited UK Laboratory.
  • Results positive or negative by email with full advice given.
  • NO ONSELLING. One COVID-19 kit per order, patient to be named on order. Kits are not transferrable. Multiple kit order requests for companies can be made by emailing