Private Covid Tests and Blood Tests in Bury St Edmunds

Get a COVID-19 swab test near you in BURY ST EDMUNDS from Blue Horizon. Whether you're flying overseas, going to an event or going back to work, if you'd like to get tested for Coronavirus for your own peace of mind simply order online here today.
Confidential Blood Tests are available as home test kits with option for finger prick or phlebotomy which can be arranged at a BMI hospital.

Private Covid Check in BURY ST EDMUNDS

Private Testing for Covid 19 with a PCR Swab

Do I have Covid?

  • Attending the BURY ST EDMUNDS clinic is not necessary - we send a Coronavirus, (Covid-19), Testing Kit to you by express post.
  • Best conducted whilst Symptomatic, but often now a pre work/ flight requirement.
  • A swab stick rubbed against throat and nose.
  • Tests for RNA fragments of SARS-Cov-2 - the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Test Specificity 100%
  • Test Sensitivity >95% at 0.75 copies of viral RNA/ul.

Covid Antibody Tests in BURY ST EDMUNDS

Antibody Blood Test for Coronavirus

Have I had Covid?

  • No need to visit the BURY ST EDMUNDS Clinic - we send a home test kit to you by express post.
  • Best conducted from 14 days onwards after suspected infection for IgG, after 5 days for IgM
  • A blood sample is needed. (finger-prick kits available)
  • Tests for both IgM and IgG antibodies to SARS-Cov-2 - the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Sensitivity is up to 100% after 14 days post exposure and Specificity is 98.1% overall.

Private Blood Analysis in BURY ST EDMUNDS

  • Choose from extensive range of private blood test profiles.
  • We send you a phlebotomy kit and instructions to arrange your phlebotomy at the BMI Hospital in BURY ST EDMUNDS.
  • Photo ID is needed. The blood sample is sent back in the tracked 24hr envelope supplied once the blood has been taken.
  • We send you results as soon as they are ready - Doctor's comments may take 48 hours more.

Coronavirus Tests near you in BURY ST EDMUNDS

We can send a confidential Covid testing kit to your home or business in BURY ST EDMUNDS. Sent by a Royal Mail next day courier, these Covid-19 test kits arrive with full instructions and can easily be taken by yourself at home, meaning a visit to the clinic in BURY ST EDMUNDS is not needed. Blue Horizon can arrange a Covid PCR Swab test to see if you currently have the virus or the Covid-19 Antibody Test to check for recent infection. We'll even arrange a courier back from your home or business in BURY ST EDMUNDS and deliver it safely to our laboratory for analysis.

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