Free Blood Tests in the UK with VIP Membership

Any one of the following blood tests are free of charge when bought at the same time as your VIP Membership.

Once you have placed your chosen VIP Membership level in the cart, please choose one of these private blood tests for free and place in the cart. Then proceed to checkout.

Use coupon code VIPMembership at checkout once you have both your chosen membership and your chosen free test in the cart for the discount to apply. 

Find out more about VIP Membership levels.

If you choose the VIP30, VIP40 or VIP50 Memberships we will also ship you out a food intolerance test worth £299.15, but this won't show in your basket.

Once the order is complete your chosen test will be sent to you in the usual manner. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to create your VIP account to enable your VIP membership discount to apply on all future purchases.

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