COVID-19 Coronavirus IgG & IgM ANTIBODY Home Test kit - Finger-Prick

CE Marked collection kits for home use.
Order by 1pm for Same Day Despatch (m-f).
Next Working Day Delivery
Validated for capillary blood sampling with 100% accuracy.
Tests for both IgG and IgM Antibodies.
Quantitative results give level of immune response.
Royal Mail Tracked Return Envelope included.
Turnaround time 1-2 working days from lab receipt.
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CE-Marked COVID-19 Antibody Kits for home use now available.

This new Coronavirus Antibody blood test has been created by Professor Sebastian Johnston, Dr Michael Edwards and their team at Virtus Respiratory Research. It is a premium quantitative COVID-19 Serology testing service. It tests for both IgM and IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and is approved to use finger-prick capillary samples obtained by lay-users in a CE Marked kit.

How accurate is this test?

  • Regarding capillary sampling, the test has been validated for home finger prick capillary blood sampling with 100% accuracy against venous blood draw samples in 64 cases tested with the two sampling methods on the same day.
  • The test has been validated using the same methodology as PHE uses to assess tests it wishes to use, by testing against large numbers of SARS-CoV-2 proven positive samples (in this case 107 community based samples, including many mild and asymptomatic samples, only one of which was hospitalised) and large numbers of “true” negative samples taken at least 6 months before the first COVID-19 case in the UK.
  • The test has 100% specificity (true negative rate) for high to very high positives, 99.5% for moderate positives and 98.5% for low level positives.
  • The test has 100% sensitivity (true positive rate) measured against hospitalised cases, 86.9% sensitivity measured against 107 swab positive community cases, only one of which was hospitalised.
  • This Coronavirus antibody test has also been tested against a SARS-CoV-2 neutralisation test, with both IgM & IgG antibody levels measured correlating very strongly (r=0.7, P<0.0001) with virus neutralising (blocking live viruses from infecting cells) activity.
  • This COVID-19 test uses a different virus protein (S1 spike protein) instead of the more widely used nucleoprotein. VIRTUS would expect 10-15% of people who have had typical symptoms of COVID, but have tested negative on a nucleoprotein test, to be positive on this test because their antibodies bind to the S1 test protein, but not the nucleoprotein.
  • In the 107 validation samples 18% of people with positive tests were IgM positive but IgG negative, other tests only detect IgG, so we would expect a significant proportion of people who might or did test negative on a IgG only test, to be IgM positive on this test – any antibody positive test to this virus is a sign of a memory immune response to this virus, which is bound to be a good thing.

What does a positive Covid Antibody result mean?

A positive IgG or IgM result will confirm antibodies of the IgG or IgM class against Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19). This informs us, with a high degree of confidence, that the patient has been infected by this virus. The presence of IgG antibodies to a particular pathogen (infectious agent such as a virus) usually implies a degree of immunity to further infection from the same agent. Although in the case of Covid-19 it is not known yet to what extent immunity is conferred, and if so for how long, it is Professor Sebastian Johnston's firm belief, based on previous literature with seasonal coronavirus infections and his 30+ years of experience researching respiratory virus infections that presence of a memory immune response to this virus is clear evidence of a significant degree of protection from the virus on future exposure.

What does a negative Covid Antibody result mean?

A Negative to both IgM & IgG results means that this test was not able to detect any antibody that may have been produced. It is possible however that the patient could have been infected and have mounted an immune response that was not detectable by this test - either because the infection was mild and did not lead to the production of a detectable amount of antibody, because the antibodies produced bind a different virus protein to the one used in this test, or because the antibody levels have not yet risen to a detectable level. Repeat testing in 2 week’s time or longer following a negative result may lead to a positive result if this scenario is a possibility. It is also of course possible that COVID-19 infection has not occurred.

Increasingly it is being suggested that some individuals with a positive Covid 19 PCR (diagnostic swab) test result may never mount an antibody response that is detectable by antibody testing, and that the response in these individuals may be stronger via the immune system’s T cells; or alternatively that antibodies are produced, but for some only for a relatively brief period of time and that the level of antibody may then decline therefore becoming undetectable after a few months.

Quick Delivery, Quick return to lab, Quick results.      

These past months have seen sub-par delivery times from the Royal Mail, which is understandable given the circumstances. Because of seeing the impact of this upon our customers we upgraded to an expedited service. As of 21st May we have upgraded outbound deliveries further and now use a next day Courier for next working day delivery if you order by 1. In July we switched to dispatching kits from our operational address in order to further ensure quality of service.

Our service guarantees are to...

  • Dispatch your kit same day if you order by 1pm (m-f)
  • Send your kit by a Next Day Delivery Service (by 1pm)
  • Provide you with a Royal Mail Tracked24 return envelope for returning your sample to the Laboratory.
  • The laboratory are typically emailing results now within 1 working day of sample receipt, but if very busy this could take up to 2 working days.

This latest development should see our customers experience a typical process time of 3-4 working days from ordering to receiving results if the kit is ordered by 1pm. Weekends not included.

Is there a discount for NHS, Carers and Key Workers?

A rebate of 20% is now available for NHS staff, carers and key workers. When you have ordered, simply upload a semi-anonymous picture of your official ID on our NHS rebate contact form with your order ID and we'll action your refund within 2 working days for you. Alternatively, if you have an NHS email address we won't need photo ID so use it to simply email Naomi on quoting your order number.