COVID-19 Coronavirus IgG ANTIBODY Test Kit - Vacutainer

CE Marked collection kits for home use.
Order by 1pm for Same Day Despatch (m-f).
Current Delivery 1-2 day average.
Validated for capillary blood sampling with 100% accuracy.
Tests for both IgG and IgM Antibodies and reports both seperately with actual antibody levels. Can also be used to assess immune response from covid vaccines as it measures the same spikes.
Royal Mail Tracked Return Envelope included.
Turnaround time 1-2 working days from lab receipt.

Vacutainer Kit - can I take a sample myself.?

Ordering this test will allow us to send you a vacutainer kit, which allows a healthcare professional to draw a venous blood sample from your arm. You should only order this kit therefore if you have access to a healthcare professional with the appropriate skills. Phlebotomy should NOT be attempted by those who are unskilled. The cost includes analysis at our fully accredited laboratory which is registered with the CQC using a PHE approved assay that the NHS now use.

What does a COVID-19 Antibody test involve?

How accurate is this Coronavirus test?

Simply put, this test is highly accurate. The global manufacturer of this assay has recently won UK approval from PHE, and they are keen to point out that the validation study was carried out on venous samples. Results of this study are below.

  • 100% Sensitive at detecting IgG antibodies in people who have been ill from Covid-19 at 14 days or more after their first symptoms. This is measured against hospitalised cases.
  • 98.1% Specific. This means that there were only 1.9% of people that gave blood before SARS-CoV-2 or had a respiratory illness that was caused by another virus who tested positive for IgG or IgM antibodies (false positives)

This is an excellent test. Highly specific. Highly sensitive.

What does a positive Covid Antibody result mean?

A positive IgG or IgM result will confirm antibodies of the IgG class against Coronavirus (Covid-19). This informs us, with a high degree of confidence, that the patient has been infected by this virus at least a week before the sample was taken. The presence of IgG antibodies to a particular pathogen (infectious agent such as a virus or bacteria) usually implies a degree of immunity to further infection from the same agent. In the case of Covid-19 however, it is not known yet to what extent immunity is conferred, and if so for how long. What we can say is that having IgG antibodies to other viruses within the Coronavirus group is associated with at least short term immunity to re-infection.

What does a negative Covid Antibody result mean?

A result that has both Negative IgG AND Negative IgM informs us, with a degree of confidence, that it is highly unlikely that the patient has been infected by this virus up until at least a few days before the sample was taken. It is possible however that the patient could have been infected and not mounted a significant immune response - either because the infection was mild and did not lead to the production of a detectable amount of antibody or because the levels have not yet risen to a detectable level. This latter explanation is more likely if the time from onset of the illness to the time of taking the sample was less than 14 days. Repeat testing in 1 week's time or longer following a negative result may lead to a positive result if this scenario is a possibility.

Tell me about the FREE next day Courier.

Following a recent sub-par performance from TNT we have reverted to sending the kits out ourselves by the Royal Mail Next Day Guaranteed by 1 service. We pledge to...

  • Dispatch your kit same day if you order by 1pm, Monday to Friday
  • Send your kit by a Next Working Day service.
  • Provide you with a Royal Mail 24 tracked envelope to the laboratory. This will track the sample to the nearest Royal Mail delivery office, delivery to the Laboratory from there may take extra time.
  • The laboratory are typically emailing results now within 1 - 2working days of sample receipt.

This latest development should see our customers experience a typical process time of 3 - 4 working days from ordering to receiving results if the sample is taken and posted the same day that the kit is delivered.

Is there a discount for NHS, Carers and Key Workers?

A rebate of 20% is now available for NHS staff, carers and key workers. When you have ordered, simply upload a semi-anonymous picture of your official ID on our NHS rebate contact form with your order ID and we'll action your refund within 2 working days for you. Alternatively, if you have an NHS email address we won't need photo ID so use it to simply email Naomi on quoting your order number.

What else do i need to know?

  • Test at least 14 days post exposure to COVID-19/onset of symptoms.
  • This is an easy at home blood test that is sent to our laboratory for analysis, but needs a nurse/ professional to take blood.
  • It tests for IgG and IgM antibodies to COVID-19, not the virus itself.
  • IgA antibodies are not tested with this test.

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