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Blue Horizon Medicals offer three very popular DNA Profile Test Kits -

DNA testing

DNA testing provides valuable insight into your inborn genetic “blueprint” which governs so much of your health and wellbeing. Everything from specific nutrient needs such as B vitamins, vitamin D and antioxidants, likelihood of hormone imbalances, possible food intolerances, cellular ageing, weight gain, and increased risk of serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, can be predicted by understanding your DNA and how it might impact you.

DNA testing is valuable for everyone but is specifically useful for people with unexplained, general symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, weight gain, hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, mood imbalances and immune reactions. A family history of certain conditions has a strong basis in genetics and can be flagged and managed by understanding the basic biochemistry and diet and lifestyle factors at work in driving disease.


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