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Why I started Blue Horizon Medicals

A lot of patients ask me how I got into blood testing – it’s an ongoing story really – before starting my nursing training I was fed up of the meaningless nature of private sector work and wanted nothing more than to work for the NHS so that I could give back to the community. Things didn’t quite go to plan, as I soon found out.It was whilst I was working as a Registered Nurse in health screening that my wife, also [...]

B12 Deficiency Health Assessments.

Vitamin B12 deficiency – the tip of an iceberg? Of late, Vitamin B12 has become something of a cause celebre in the medical world. A deficiency of this vitamin has been long known to lead to the formation of bigger but less efficient red blood cells, a state known as Pernicious Anaemia (PA).  ‘Pernicious’ because it is a condition which literally creeps up on the individual, under the radar so to speak, and is not always the first disorder that [...]

Health Check Comment for Aspergillus

The Aspergillus fumigatus antibody level is on the high side. A level such as this increases the likelihood that you have, or have had, aspergillosis - a collective name for a number of conditions caused by infection with Aspergillus fungi , the most common of which affecting man being Aspergillus fumigatus. The most commonly encountered conditions are allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, pulmonary aspergilloma, and invasive aspergillosis.Diagnosis should be made by a chest physician and a chest X ray would normally [...]

Postal Kits – The Original Budget option.

If you are not able to take advantage of an all inclusive service by attending a private hospital or clinic such as Nuffield, Spire, or in London then the postal service by Blue Horizon Medicals provides a wide range of phlebotomy kits that can be taken by a trained phlebotomist, as well as giving you a range of options for phlebotomy including 60 professional hospital locations or mobile phlebotomists.Postal blood test Kits.Every test on this website is available to order online [...]

Blood Test Referrals in London

London blood testing services are many, but patients that utilise the London service by Blue Horizon Medicals realise that for speed, service and convenience there really is no better option. The only regret is that this service is available in London only!Key FeaturesSimple – Order online and just attend for 90% of tests. GP Referral included. All inclusive price – no more to pay. Express Results option if you have your own Doctor. Money back Guarantee if your results are not back in [...]

Private Referrals to BMI Hospitals

BMI is probably the most recognised and respected private Healthcare Organisation in the UK.Blue Horizon Medicals operates a pathology referral system to BMI Pathology Services using which is easy to use and includes a GP referral.Key Features.BMI Sites – not postal. All Inclusive A wide range of Tests Participates in Pathology Points scheme.Premium BMI ServiceOf all the National Private Blood Test services provided, this one is probably the most fluid and less prone to error and delay. You are able to request and pay for [...]

Private Referrals to Spire Healthcare Hospitals

A good range of blood testing profiles are available at Spire Healthcare Hospitals through over 500 blood test profiles and over 30 Professional blood testing locations this Pathology access service by Blue Horizon Medicals seems to be getting increasingly popular with UK residents and visitors.Key Features.Not a postal kit service. Everything including Doctor’s Referral Included. You attend a Private Spire Healthcare Hospital. Over 500 individual tests – can be expensive. Some well priced profiles – best value. Free Tests Option Earn and Spend Pathology PointsOf [...]

Home to Lab blood tests – the good, the bad, and the painful!

You only have to look at Theranos to see how popular the idea of being able to take blood at home is. Indeed, the freedom to be able to send a blood sample off to a laboratory without a doctor or nurse sticking a big needle in your vein is convenient at the very least. Now whilst Theranos has hit the news in the worse possible way because of their alleged analyser accuracy,the medical supplies firm Baird Dickenson has [...]

Vitamin B12 – Advanced Testing.

The new Vitamin B12 Advanced Testing Profile from Blue Horizon MedicalsWe believe this profile is a little gem – so much information about red blood cell health – and more – can be gathered from the tests within. And very few profiles offer Active B12 levels as standard –with this knowledge you can be far more confident of your true B12 status than you might be with the total B12 level alone…This kit is available as either a finger [...]

CRP screening Tests

C reactive protein (CRP) test- if I could only have one test of my current state of health this is the one I would choose. Why?CRP is an 'acute phase protein' - present in the blood to a significant degree (that is greater than 5mg/l) only when there is active inflammation, of some type, somewhere in the body. Finding a normal level of CRP therefore is very reassuring if you are suspecting significant disease which involves inflammation - choose [...]